onsdag 6. mars 2013

Dynamite Garage radio stasjon

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Enough monkeybusiness. Here's the set for the week. Got plenty of raunching r&b songs from all over the world for you, so dust your best dancing shoes and grab your partner.

Zakary Thaks - Won't Come Back(1967)
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA J-Beck 1101

The Attack - Go Your Way(1966)
London, UK

The Blues Inc - Get Off My Back(1966)
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, Phalanx 1025

The Brogues - Don't Shoot Me Down(1965)
San Jose, California, USA Challenge 59316

The Caravelles - Lovin' Just My Style(1966)
Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Onacrest 502

The Chocolate Watchband - Sweet Young Thing(1967)
San Jose, California, USA, Uptown 740

The Cindermen - Don't Do It Some More(1966)
Fresno, California, USA, Moonglow 5012

The Easybeats - Sorry(1966)
Sydney, Australia, Parlophone 8224

The Electric Company - Scarey Business(1966)
San Fransisco, USA, Titan FF 1753

The Elois - By My Side(1967)
Maryborough, Victoria, Australia, In IN-S-8067

The Four Strangers - Sad & Lonely(1965)
Newcastle, Australia, Festival FK-1022

The Gentrys - Wild(1965)
California, USA, Kado 0074

The Lyrics - So What(1965)
San Diego, California, USA, Feather 101/Era 3153

Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects - I'm Going Back(Previously Unreleased)
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

The Masters' Apprentices - Buried and Dead(1967)
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, Astor A-7075

The Masters' Apprentices - Poor Boy(Previously Unreleased)
Recorded 1965, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Namelosers - That's Alright(1966)
Malmø, Sweeden, Columbia DS 2255

The Nomads - Be Nice(1966)
Fort Worth, Texas, USA, Spotlight 5019/5020

Outsiders - Won't You Listen(1967)
Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Holland, On LP: Relax 30,007

Pink Finks - Louie Louie(1965)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Mojo 001

The Pretty Things - Road Runner(1965)
London, UK, Fontana TL 5239, 687 341 TL

The Purple Hearts - Just A Little Bit(1966)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Sunshine qk 1448

Q-65 - It Came To Me(1967)
The Hague, Zuld Holland, Holland, Decca AT 10263

Red Beard & The Pirates - Go On(1966)
Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA, Gaye 3043

The Scumbugs - My Baby`s Gone Away(To be released 2013)
Bergen, Norway

The Scumbugs - Missing Link(To be released 2013)
Bergen, Norway

The Slaves - Slaves Time(1966)
Vienna, Austria, Philips 339414

The Sunsets - I Want Love(1967)
Newcastle, Australia, Fesival FK-1797

The Triumphs - Surfside Date(196?)
Milwaukee, Winsconsin, USA, IFF 151

We The People - Mirror Of Your Mind(1966)
Orlando, Florida, Challenge 59333

torsdag 28. februar 2013

Hermann's Corner - The Dirty Wurds(Why)

A: So Hermann.. I've heard you've been vacating down south for a while now. How is the weather?

H: Thanks for asking Anders, the weather in Rio is sunny as always.

A: Anything new?

H: I'm hungry.

A: Uh.. sure. But Hermann, don't you have a song for for us today?

H: Well how about The Dirty Wurds, and their killer(and I should know what a killer is) a-side "Why". I think you first of all should listen to the song, as this is one of the crudest and most mental song you'll ever hear.

"Why"/"Takin' My Blues Away", 1965
Chicago, Illinois, Marina 502
re-released on: Pebbles #5

The line-up of The Dirty Wurds had a lot of changes in the bass and drums department. On the "Why" single however this was the line-up:

Mick Mackles - Vocals
Justin Pomeroy - Rhytm Guitar
Mike Peterson - Lead Guitar
Jim(James) Savage - Bass
Mark Bringman - Drums

Here's the lyrics.. As you can see nothing special. That was probably why the Dirty Wurds decided to spice things up a little, and made the songwriter(not a member of the band) seem like a mental case, with this neurotic way of singing these rather dull lyrics. Rumours says also that the songwriter was displeased after hearing that his song - thought of being a tender love-ballad - would end up like this. Well, I'm not. This is as good 60's punk as it gets.

Why, baby

(Why) I need your lovin'
(Why) I need you very much
(Why) I need your tender touch
(Why) I love you very much

And I say (why, why, why, why, why)

(Why) I want you near me
(Why) I want you very much
(Why) I wanna have you near me
(Why) I need you very much

And I say (why, why, why, why, why)

You notice that all the time I cry
And baby, I want you near me so I wont cry
So tell me, baby, why won't you come near me
You know I love you, baby, you know I really do

(why, why, why, why, why)

(Why) I need your lovin'
(Why) I need you very much
(Why) I need your tender touch
(Why) I love you very much

And I say (why, why, why, why, why)

Oh baby, I want you near me
Oh, why wont you come back
I wanna know, baby
Why wont you come back to me, baby
Why, why, why, why

mandag 18. februar 2013

Topp 5 - William Hay(The Painted Ship)

Denne gangen har jeg fått tak i William Hay, vokalist og låtskriver i det glimrende kanadiske bandet The The Painted Ship. Bandet ga ut garage-klassikkere som Frustration(1966), Little White Lies(1966) and And She Said Yes(1966). Han er en lystig kar, og en pioner innen 60-talls punk,  og jeg er ikke mindre lystig for å kunne finne ut hva hans topp 5 låter fra 60-tallet er. Takk for deltagelsen William!

Greetings gentle reader. Anders was kind enough to ask me to comment on 5 of my favorite songs from the 60's. I can't remember whether he said:
1) keep your comments brief.....or
2) write your comments while you're wearing only your briefs. hmmmmmm?

Oh, well, here we go.

5. Love: She comes in colors.
I guess this is far from the most popular of the songs by Love but it's my fav. I really like the medieval inspired keyboard work.It's a beautiful ode to a girlfriend without having to resort to the usual trite, sappy bullshit( do I have an opinion?)

4. Jefferson Airplane ( Starship): Somebody to love.
Probably my favorite of the so-called San Francisco " hippie songs"
Grace ( and Janis of course) showed that a woman can deliver the message as well as any man can. Everything about this song is right.

3. Them: Gloria.
Van is fantastic or course but this song has a lot going for it. Temp changes. Nice keyboard work. tasty drumming. and of course the intrigue: was this recorded by the Belfast boys or.......?

2. 13th Floor Elevators: You're gonna miss me
Imagination. what a treat to hear something completely different. and some very nice playing. check out the bass line. and then there is Roky. enough said!

1. The Sonics: Have love will travel.
For me, this is what rock n roll should sound like. Not the usual over-produced , bloated commercial crap. ( oh, oh, another opinion rises)
"I might take a boat or I'll take a train
I might hitchhike or jump a railroad train
your kind of love drives a man insane"

I hear ya brother.

There ya go. thanks for asking Anders. I'm going to put my clothes back on now; I've got some grocery shopping to do. ( why the hell does he ask us to do this in our briefs? must be a Norwegian thing )

tirsdag 12. februar 2013

Topp 5 - Loek Stolwijk(The Suzannes)

Dette vil bli fulgt opp av flere topp 5 favorittsanger fra artister gode nok til å nå min egen topp 50 liste. Først ut er Loek Stolwijk(til venstre på bildet) gitarist i det Nederlandske 70-talls punk bandet The Suzannes("Listen To My Heartbeat", "Hippie", "Teenage Abortion"). Dette er hans topp 5 fra 60 og 70-tallet. En stor takk til Loek for hans deltagelse! Jeg har også vært så heldig at jeg har fått intervjuet Loek. Intervjuet vil bli publisert i neste utgivelse av det beste magasinet du noensinne kommer til å lese, Ugly Things(#35).

5. Q65 - You're The Victor 

4. Motorhead - One More Fucking Time

3. Pretty Things - Roadrunner

2. The Saints - Know Your Product

1. Iggy Pop - Lust For Life 

mandag 11. februar 2013

The Dynamite Garage radio stasjon

Direkte link her.

Det er med stor glede at jeg kan presentere vår nye DJ, The Garageman, med sitt program "Back In The Garage".
Første episode av "Back In The Garage vil sendes fredag kl 21.00, med repriser lørdag kl 22.00 og 04.00.

Siste oppdatering av spillelisten:

Al's Untouchables - Come On Baby(1966)
Iowa City, Iowa, USA, Hunt 1410

Banshees - They Prefer Blondes(1965)
Millbrae, California, Monarch Records

Bees - Voices Green And Purple(1966)
Los Angeles, USA, Liverpool 62225

The Blackstones - The Bag I'm In(196?)
Hammond, Indiana, USA, Invictus

The Blues Company - She's Gone(1968)
Bay City, Michigan, USA, Great Lakes 3002

The Boys - You Deceived Me(1966)
Forth Worth, Texas, Emcee 015,16

The Bruthers - Bad Way To Go(1966)
Pearl River, New York, RCA 8920

Buccaneer's - You're Never Gonna Love Me Anymore(1966)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Amigo 104

The Bucky Rage - Wild Man(2012)
On "Cut 'em Down" Eruption Erupt EP 003

The Chob - Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore(1967)
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, Lavette la-5016

Dean Carter - Rebel Woman(1967)
Champaign, Illinois, USA, Milky Way 886m-0111

The Grapes Of Wrath - Cause It Was Her(1966)
San Pedro, California, USA, Vita 006

Haymarket Riot - Trip(1968)
Enid, Oklahoma, USA, Riot 101

The Humans - Warning(1966)
Albion, New York, Audition 6109

The Jades - Confined Congregation(1967)
Sparta, Michigan, USA, Fenton 2134

The Jujus - Do You Understand Me(1966)
Grand Rapids, Mitchigan, USA, United 121569/70

Larry & The Blue Notes - In And Out(1966)
Forth Worth, Texas, Charay 44

Mods - You've Got Another Think Coming(1966)
Toledo, Ohio, Peck no #

The Rats - Rat's Revenge Part One(1963)
Akron, Ohio, USA, Black Cat 502

The Rats - Rat's Revenge Part Two(1963)
Akron, Ohio, USA, Black Cat 502

Roamin' Togas - Bar The Door(1967)
Lafayette, Los Angeles, Lightning lr-101

The Shy Guys - Black Lightening Light(1968)
Florida, M-U 5941/5942

The Shadows Of Knight - Bad Little Woman(1966)
Chicago, Illinois, USA, Dunwich 128

Starfyres - Captain Dueseldorph(1966)
Lansford, Pennsylvania, USA Burr 1001

The Stereo Shoestring - On The Road South(1968)
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA English 1302

Thee Midniters - Jump Jive And Harmonize(1967)
Los Angeles, Whittier 507

tirsdag 29. januar 2013

Uhell eller genistrek? Ustemte vindundre

Noen garage låter er så primitive at det nesten er latterlig, andre kan det virke som om knapt er øvet på før bandet har gått inn i studio. Det er nok ingen tvil at kostnadene for leie av ett musikk-studio ved inspilling av en plate kan legge ett stort press på highschool tenåringer, som heller latt gitaren være ustemt enn å betale for den neste timen. Ikke glem heller at med mindre bandet ditt het The Beatles, ble inpillingene på 60-tallet gjort mer eller mindre live, med kanskje en overdub av vokal(og i noen tilfeller en lead gitar) i etterkant. I noen tilfeller er faktisk hastverk intet lastverk, og fører til en bestemthet og sunn nervøsitet som kan prege inspillningen i postiv forstand. Ett totalt fravær av ambisjoner for global suksess er heller ingen hindring - tvert imot - ta for eksempel spillegleden til Dean Carter i deres kover av Jailhouse Rock(med den merkeligeste(og morsomste) muspills-teknikken jeg noensinne har hørt, og som garantert ville ødelagt alle muligheter for komersiell suksess), når soloen dras igang. Du kan praktisk talt se for deg gliset til gitaristen når galskapen utfoldes. Her er noen av de beste ustemte vidunderene..

Dean Carter - Jailhouse Rock(1967)
Champaign, Illinois, USA, Milky Way 886m-0111
(hør her)

North Miami Beach, Florida, Tiara 100
(hør her)

Her har tydeligvis bassisten fått E-strengen ut av stemming. Det morsomme
er at bassen i tilegg er så langt fremme i lydbildet. Melodien er noe av det beste jeg har hørt dog. Hør på denne låta mer enn to ganger på rappen, og jeg kan love deg at den kommer til å hjemsøke deg hele natten.

Lansford, Pennsylvania, USA, Burr 1001
Å lage lyd med glass-flasker var alltid moro. Denne statiske koringen stikker av med en suveren førsteplass. Teksten er ikke dum heller "I bought myself a submarine".. "If you're ever down by the sea, take a look for me... Captain Dueseldorph"..

Modds - Leave My House(Tidligere uutgitt)
Poplar Bluff, Missouri, USA
(hør her)

Krangel innad i bandet eller en egotripp fra gitaristen og vokalistens side? Jeg gjetter i blinde på at vokalist og gitarist er de to lengst til venstre i bildet ovenfor. Dette opptaket får "Raw Power" til å lyde vel-balansert i forhold til volum på instrumentene. Fuzz-lyden og gitaristens spille-glede er det iallefall ingenting å si på.

Jack The Ripper - One Way Streets(1966)
Zanesville, Ohio, USA, Sunrise 103
(hør her)

En meget morsom kover av Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages orginalen.
Her høres det ut som om at teksten blir improvisert idet mora deres kommer inn i øvingsrommet/studioet og maser på at middagen nå er ferdig. Går fra den mørke fremstillingen av en drapsmann i Jack The Ripper til en krangel med mor.

The Rats  - The Rat's Revenge Part 1(1963) og Part 2(b-side)
Akron, Ohio, USA, Black Cat 502
(hør her)
Navnet The Rats' ble kun brukt for denne singelen Deres egentlige navn var the Decades. Som The Decades utga de "C'mon Pretty Baby"(Janie JL 10645/10646) i 1964.

Hver del av Rat's Revenge er fordelt på henholdsvis a og b-siden. At det så tidlig som i 1963(hvis det er det rette året?) ble laget så heftig garage-punk er temmelig unikt. Høydepunktet er når vokalisten sier "Don't play with your feet this time" i Part 2, hvorav en noe skeiv start på soloen, blir svart med ett oppgitt stønn. 

"I like you. And when Eric Von Zipper likes someone, they stay liked."

Låta er basert på filmen Beach Party(1963), som hadde 4 oppfølgere, hvor i alle The Ratz var en mindre begavet motorsykkelgjeng ledet av Erik Von Zipper.

Sur Royal Da Count & The Parliaments - Scream Mother Scream(1967)
USA, Villa Yore 606

Ikke mye å legge til bortsett fra at denne gjengen var seriøst opptatt av å være useriøse. Hvis du hører bak vitsingen er faktisk dette en glimrende låt.

The Barking Spyders - I Want Your Love(1966)
Dallas, Texas, USA, Audio Precision 45001
(hør her

Ikke så alt for opptatt med bagateller som å stemme bass gitaren, denne gruppen går rett på sak. Og selv om "broen" nesten holder på å kollapse, holder bandet det gående. Vokalisten er glimrende, å minner mest av alt om en mere tilbakelagt kul og bedøvet versjon av Lou Reed.

Og sist men ikke minst, kongen av garage rock: The Keggs - Girl.

søndag 27. januar 2013

The Dynamite Garage radio-stasjon

 Direkte link her.

Siste oppdatering av spilleliste:

Los Shains - El Monstruo(1966)
Lima, Peru, on lp "El Ritmo De Los Shains": Odeon Del Peru LD 1483

The Aardvarks - I'm Higher Than I'm Down(1966)
Muskegon, Mitchigan, USA, Vark 2058

The Alarm Clocks - Yeah(1966)
Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Awake 107

Attila - When(196?)

Bad Roads - Blue Girl(1967)
Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA, Jin 210

Word D. - Keep On Walking(Previously Unreleased)
Dallas, Texas

The Wrong Numbers - I'm Gonna Go Now(1967)
Mount Dora, Florida, Paris Tower 111

The Sparkles - No Friends Of Mine(1967)
Lubbock, Texas, Hickory 1443

Savoys - Can It Be(1965)
Chicago, Illinois, USA, Summit 403

The Rockin' Ramrods - She Lied(196?)
Boston, Massachutes, USA, Bon-Bon 1315

The Barons - Don't Burn It(1966)
Forth Worth, Texas, Brownfield 1035

The Eyes - When The Night Falls(1966)
London, UK, Mercury MF 881

The Fanatics - I Will Not Be Lonely(1965)
Houston, Texas, Gina 1118

Five Canadians - Writing On The Wall(1966)
San Antonio, Texas, Domar 1120

Illusions - City Of People(1966)
St. Clair Shores, Michigan, USA, Michelle 001-XX

The Mach V - If I Could(1967)
Savannah, Georgia, USA, Associated Artists 102

The Modds - Leave My House(Previously Unreleased)
Poplar Bluff, Missouri, Recorded 1966

The Best - You Mean Nothing To Me(1966)
New Jersey, USA, RPC 96

The Oxford Circle - Foolish Woman(1966)
Sacramento, California, USA, World United 002

Something Wild - Trippin Out(1967)
Santa Maria, California, USA, Psychedelic 1691

Love - 7 And 7 Ls(1966)
Elektra EK 45605

The Stoics - Hate(1967)
San Antonio, Texas, Brams 101

T.C. Atlantic - Faces(1966)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Turtle t-1103

Things To Come - I'm Not Talkin'(1966)
Chicago, Illinois, USA; Dunwich 124

The Uncalled For - Do Like Me(1967)
Rhode Island, USA, Laurie 3394/Dollie 509