mandag 18. februar 2013

Topp 5 - William Hay(The Painted Ship)

Denne gangen har jeg fått tak i William Hay, vokalist og låtskriver i det glimrende kanadiske bandet The The Painted Ship. Bandet ga ut garage-klassikkere som Frustration(1966), Little White Lies(1966) and And She Said Yes(1966). Han er en lystig kar, og en pioner innen 60-talls punk,  og jeg er ikke mindre lystig for å kunne finne ut hva hans topp 5 låter fra 60-tallet er. Takk for deltagelsen William!

Greetings gentle reader. Anders was kind enough to ask me to comment on 5 of my favorite songs from the 60's. I can't remember whether he said:
1) keep your comments brief.....or
2) write your comments while you're wearing only your briefs. hmmmmmm?

Oh, well, here we go.

5. Love: She comes in colors.
I guess this is far from the most popular of the songs by Love but it's my fav. I really like the medieval inspired keyboard work.It's a beautiful ode to a girlfriend without having to resort to the usual trite, sappy bullshit( do I have an opinion?)

4. Jefferson Airplane ( Starship): Somebody to love.
Probably my favorite of the so-called San Francisco " hippie songs"
Grace ( and Janis of course) showed that a woman can deliver the message as well as any man can. Everything about this song is right.

3. Them: Gloria.
Van is fantastic or course but this song has a lot going for it. Temp changes. Nice keyboard work. tasty drumming. and of course the intrigue: was this recorded by the Belfast boys or.......?

2. 13th Floor Elevators: You're gonna miss me
Imagination. what a treat to hear something completely different. and some very nice playing. check out the bass line. and then there is Roky. enough said!

1. The Sonics: Have love will travel.
For me, this is what rock n roll should sound like. Not the usual over-produced , bloated commercial crap. ( oh, oh, another opinion rises)
"I might take a boat or I'll take a train
I might hitchhike or jump a railroad train
your kind of love drives a man insane"

I hear ya brother.

There ya go. thanks for asking Anders. I'm going to put my clothes back on now; I've got some grocery shopping to do. ( why the hell does he ask us to do this in our briefs? must be a Norwegian thing )

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